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While it’s important to clean your toys, it’s also not a bad idea to give them a special home of their own. This not only ensures that they stay out of sight, but it also keeps them organized and protected from cross contamination and possible germs from other items.  At the same time, we understand it can be difficult to find the right style to fit your personal needs. Whether you’re new to the world of adult toys or are a seasoned pro, here are some of the best storage spaces to keep your sex toys safely hidden.
If you really want to get the most out of your sex toys, it’s important to clean them after each use. And this UV Sterilizer Bag can help you do that, and then some. It sanitizes your toys and kills 99 percent of germs within three minutes using a UV light. It also doubles as a travel bag so you can easily store your toys discreetly when you’re on the go.
Your partner will never know what adult goodies you have at home with this Happy Rabbit storage case. Made entirely of silicone, this bag is super easy to clean and perfect to display out in the open on your nightstand. Its fun and playful design makes it look more like a makeup bag than a place to store your sexy gear. Currently, it’s available in small, medium and large sizes.
Originally $117.99, now $78.99
For those of you who may have a more robust toy collection, this toy chest may be what you need. Similar to a makeup trunk, it opens up into several compartments where you can stash different items. It even has an adjustable shelf to allow you to customize your space. From your vibrator to your lube selection, this chest does have quite a lot of room to spare. As a bonus, it’s completely lockable so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.
Size doesn’t always matter when it comes to pleasure. If you need a place to store your mini vibrator or small batteries, look no further than this Babeland Keeper case. Although it’s small, it has a handy little mesh divider inside to separate your accessories.
Stylish and functional, this lockable case from Lovehoney makes organizing your adult toys a breeze. This is perfect for storing your larger sex essentials such as a wand vibrator and battery chargers. It also helps keep your toys sanitary, thanks to the antibacterial lining.
Before you just throw your toys in one big chest under your bed, you may want to put each one in one of these storage bags. Once you clean off your gear, these bags helps add another layer of protection from possible germs. They’re hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and roomy enough to hold a variety of toys.
In terms of storage, this case may be the deluxe package. It has multiple compartments to make storing your toys a safe and convenient process. It has a pocket on top the box for easy access to your condoms, lip balm and other small essentials. The box also comes with a removable play tray to divide your toys and ventilation holes to keep your toys dry and cool.
If you’re planning to enjoy some pleasure on the road, this We-Vibe travel pouch will help make life a bit easier. Small in size, this storage bag has two main compartments, including one mesh pocket for safe keeping your tiny sex accessories.
For something simple and basic that you can store anywhere in your room, try this Entrenue box on for size. It’s lockable and perfect for hiding your most used toys.
This might be the holy grail device in terms of sanitization. While you can use it for sterilizing other household items, the Puritize box has been a go-to for storing and cleaning sex toys. With it, you can charge, sanitize and protect your accessories. The box has three USB charging ports and can sterilize all of your goodies within five to 10 minutes.
If you want classy and something that won’t raise any questions, this OpenMity storage box hits all the right notes. The four removable dividers allow you to customize the space inside stash a range of different sex essentials. Plus, it even comes with a washable pillow.
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