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Though they both work for glamorous, glossy high fashion brands, Chloe Chevalier, an account executive for Givenchy, and Nathaniel Palmer, executive assistant to the CEO for Bottega Veneta, have always valued simplicity. The couple don’t do pomp.
“Chloe and I are both people who tend to shy away from the glitz and glamour of notoriety and excessiveness,” Nate tells ESSENCE. “We like to keep things simple and practical, with the priority being placed on quality.” From the way they decided to marry to how they planned their wedding day, “simple and practical” certainly is the motto for the newlyweds, and it’s refreshing.

But first, how they met. It wasn’t at fashion week or some sleek event. They first locked eyes at a church conference in Los Angeles in 2017. From across the room inside the lobby at the Ace Hotel, there still managed to be a spark between the two. While Nate was too shy to actually go and say hello to the model and Black French expat that day, months later, he made the bold move of reposting an image of Chloe to Instagram, captioning it “My Favorite Parisian.” Finally feeling courageous, he DM’d her, and to his surprise, she responded. His bravery would pay off greatly.
From there, the two began a friendship, living in different parts of the world at one time — she in LA then Paris, he in Atlanta, then New York. Things would turn romantic, the pair maintaining a long-distance relationship, traveling every two months to LA see each other for years. But once COVID hit, cutting off the opportunity for travel, they were separated. The inability to connect in the way they always had, for 14 months, caused them to look at their relationship in a completely different way. They were set on the fact that once they reunited, they didn’t want to be without each other again.
“Our love and desire to be together literally stood the test of time,” they tell us. “We agreed, over countless Facetime conversations, that we didn’t need the glamour of a proposal. We just wanted to be married.”

They agreed to tie the knot when they finally got the chance and ended up saying “I do” on August 28 in LA. They wed at the Albertsons Chapel in front of just 35 guests to, as mentioned, keep things uncomplicated and have the focus on their love, their God and their family.
The end result was the perfect day. With the theme “The Simplicity of Love,” the couple managed to celebrate in signature low-key fashion, but also in such a unique way that ultimately stands out. Check out the photo shoot fresh photography from their special day, more on their love story, and what the future holds for Chloe and Nate.

Photographer: Dina Chmut
Venues: Albertson Wedding Chapel
71 Above

The West Hollywood EDITION
Chloe’s Details
Hair: Sarah Shears

Makeup: Dion Xu
Florist: Bizimova Ekaterina of Kate Flowers LA
Dress: Rick Owens

Shoes: Tom Ford

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Blazer: Alexander McQueen
Jewelry: Messika Paris

Nate’s Details
Ceremony Outfit: Jacket and Shirt by Rick Owens; Pants and Shoes by Bottega Veneta
Reception Outfit: Suit and Boots by Bottega Veneta

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Bridal Bliss: Givenchy Account Exec Chloe And Bottega Veneta Exec Nate Had A Simple But Striking LA Wedding – Essence