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The Most Useful Football Reference Websites

If you’re interested in football statistics, you should use football reference.com. This website provides comprehensive information about American football, including active and retired players, and teams dating back to 1920. The information provided is updated regularly and can help you keep up with the latest news and events in your favorite sport. You can also research your favorite players and teams using their statistics. Here are a few of the most useful football reference websites. To begin, try Pro-Football-Reference.com.

Approximate value (AV) is a football reference

The Approximate Value is a way of comparing the efficiency of a player over a season. It does not prove that a player is better than another because it can be inflated by injuries or rare appearances. The AV is calculated using a statistical formula based on a player’s season accomplishments. Approximate values are calculated by looking at total yards gained, yards per attempt, average game, and rate levels.

AY/A is adjusted yards per passing attempt

AY/A is an improved way to measure quarterback success in fantasy football. It accounts for things like sacks, touchdowns, and interception yardage. Additionally, it is more accurate than raw Y/A because it includes factors such as sacks. The average AY/A of an NFL team is 7.0 yards per passing attempt, while adjusted net yards per pass attempt is 6.35. This is an excellent measure of quarterback success and consistency, but it does not include first downs, which can artificially inflate the numbers.

Expected W-L is an estimate of what the team’s record “should have been”

This statistic is based on the team’s expected record. It is a rough approximation of the team’s record as a whole, and it is used by baseball analysts. The Toronto Blue Jays, for example, were 48-50 on July 20th. The team’s expected record was 52-46, but they actually ended the season at 86-76. By contrast, the Anaheim Angels had an expected record of 60-38 and finished the season with a record of 102-62.

Expected W-L is based on baseball analyst Bill James’ Pythagorean formula

The expected win-loss (W-L) is based on baseball analyst Bill James’ original Pythagorean formula, which predicts winning percentage based on runs scored. The formula was developed empirically, but was never convincingly proven to be accurate. Baseball analysts and enthusiasts use it to predict the outcome of a game. The following are some of the benefits of the expected W-L formula.

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