When Lin Bai downloaded a new app on her phone, she was not planning to install it. But when she opened it, her hand trembled. That was because she had opened Future News by accident. Despite its simple interface, the app contained a strange feeling. It had only two sections: Future News and my previous news. It seemed too strange to be true, but it had actually altered my past and future.

Lin Bai’s phone mutated

Lin Bai’s phone mutated after he was detained. He asked his mother to wait at home but she did not reply. After a long time, she finally heard his voice and decided to leave the scene. When she saw the blood on the ground, she cried. When she saw that her daughter was being detained, she started to panic. She called 110, explaining the situation to the other party. The other person immediately called the public security bureau.

One day, Lin Bai woke up to find a mysterious app on his phone. The news on the app was from the future. By changing future events, Lin Bai earned a handsome reward. The first Corona Virus vaccine was announced by Pfizer US. The stock prices shot up 500% in a day! Elon Musk proclaimed himself the godfather of DogeCoin and forced manipulation of its prices. Meanwhile, an old man offered him 10 million dollars for the information.

During that time, Lin Bai’s phone mutated. He put his entire life on the line and placed all his assets on the line. His mother was right to warn him. The factory director didn’t do anything to discourage him, but he knew that Lin Bai would not give up. The factory director did not want to lose him, as he had already purchased 300 million yuan’s worth of material. When the phone mutated, Lin Bai was uncertain about the real situation. He was willing to take a risk and gamble on the app’s accuracy.

Lin Bai changed the past

When Lin Bai changed the future, he was rewarded. He woke up with a strange application on his phone. He found news from the future. This time, the app was from the future, and the news came from Pfizer US. The company announced the first Corona Virus vaccine. Stock prices soared by 500 percent in a single day. Elon Musk declared himself as the godfather of DogeCoin, forcing manipulation of its prices. Lin Bai was astonished.

Fortunately, Lin Bai had 500 million in assets and was able to get a loan for the money. Despite his financial instability, he had a lot of money in his account. His bank receptionist remembered his last purchase and the recent price trend of Pfizer Group. However, he was unable to purchase the stock. His wits and the money Lin Bai had saved on the stock price allowed him to change the past.

Future News My Phone Mutated Chapter 31

The Future News app didn’t lie to me. Thankfully, the news was true. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer developed a coronavirus vaccine. However, Pfizer was not the only company that released news through the Future News app. Lin Bai had no other reason to tell Yu Jianhao about the news and could only cite another reason to answer her questions. Yu Jianhao was astonished by the fact that Mr. A was only in his early twenties and had only communicated with him through WeChat and had never met in person.

Future News app did not lie to me

Lin Bai’s future-forwarding mobile news app did not lie to him when my phone mutated chapter 31, and neither did his stock purchase. It was a news story about a coronavirus vaccine, which had been developed by a pharmaceutical company. Although the disease had been under control in the Dragon City, the situation in the United States and Europe was out of control, and the number of people who had become infected every day was increasing.

The morning of the day of the market’s opening, Lin Bai woke up to a strange app on his phone. It was news from the future, and the app said he would be rewarded for changing the future. He glanced at the black and white obituary on the latest message, thinking it was the obituary of Yu Jinmo, the school’s beauty queen.

Changing the future rewards Lin Bai

Lin Bai had a weird app on his phone one morning. The news was from the future and he was rewarded for altering future events. He changed the events of the Corona Virus vaccine, which would then cause stock prices to skyrocket by 500% in one day. Meanwhile, Elon Musk declared himself the godfather of DogeCoin and forced manipulation of its prices. He was also offered 10million dollars by the son of an old man for information about the app.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

Researchers from Pfizer and BioNTech said their new coronavirus vaccine COVID-19 protects against a key mutation found in highly transmissible variants of the virus. The mutation, N501Y, affects the portion of the virus that enters cells. The researchers noted that this mutation may be a potential escape variant that could affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Despite the vaccine’s effectiveness, the mutations have complicated the development process. One variant of the virus, known as B.1.351, was discovered in South Africa and is difficult to immunize against. Another variant, the P1 variant, was discovered in Brazil and has spread to at least 25 countries, including the U.S. It has been linked to reinfection among survivors. Despite the new mutations, the vaccine still appears to protect against at least 15 of the mutations tested. The vaccine’s effectiveness against these 15 mutations is questioned, since it doesn’t look at the whole set of potential variants.

The new vaccine uses mRNA-encoded viruses designed to mimic the genetic structure of the coronavirus. These molecules help the immune system recognize the virus and trigger an immune response. But these vaccines have been linked to serious side effects, including enhanced respiratory disease. And the company is denying the claim, calling it “inappropriate”.

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Future News: My Phone Mutated