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How to Get the Bob Badge in Friday Night Funkin’ Roleplay

The Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Bob mod lets you play as Bob, an antagonist from the fnf rp game. He has a horrible appearance, and is very angry. To get the bob badge, you need to play as Bob and collect a flower.

bob is a fnf rp glove

Bob is a FNFRP character that you can play with. He will come to you in the game and approach you, allowing you to touch him. It is easy to earn the Bob badge and play as Bob in the game. Once you have earned the badge, Bob will not disappear from the lobby.

bob has a slow walk speed

To get the Bob badge, you must first teleport to the Corn Farm from the lobby. In the farm, ignore the building on your right and walk to the left. On the far left side, you must look at a flower hidden behind a rock. Once you have picked it, teleport back to the lobby and click on the button next to the Bob badge. You will then be transformed into an evil god!

bob can kill you

If you have been wanting to know how to get the Bob badge in Friday Night Funkin’ Roleplay, then you’ve come to the right place. Basically, all you need to do is use the Bob character in the game, and then you’ll know exactly what to do to earn it. It’s easy, too. After you earn the bob badge, simply play as Bob in the game with the Bob glove. This way, the Bob character will not disappear from your lobby.

bob has a power

It’s not very difficult to get the Bob badge in Friday Night Funkin’ Roleplay. The first step is to enter a game of FNF RP with the Bob character. When you do, Bob will approach and touch the player who is closest to him. Then, you will need to click on the button opposite Bob and hit the arrow keys in time to the music.

bob has a target value

If you’re looking for a way to get the bob badge in FNF RP, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a really easy way to do this. The first step is to teleport to the Corn Farm. Once there, ignore the building on your right, and head to the other end of the farm. On the left, you’ll find a flower behind a rock. Once you’ve picked it, you can teleport back to the lobby and step on the button that is located in front of the Bob badge. You’ll instantly become an evil god and gain access to a bunch of cool stuff.

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How To Get The Bob Badge In Fnf Rp