In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest updates on Jaylen Brown’s hamstring injury and Marcus Smart’s quad contusion. We’ll also discuss whether either player will play in Sunday’s game against the Bucks and what his expected return date is. Read on to learn more about each player’s status. Until then, please be patient. The Boston Celtics have a lot to do, and we’ll give you an injury update in the coming days.

Jaylen Brown’s hamstring injury

The Celtics have announced that Jaylen Brown will not play against the Lakers on Tuesday. The Celtics had a hefty home advantage before Brown suffered a hamstring injury last week. However, the Celtics will now have an even bigger one. If Brown misses the entire second-round series against the Lakers, that advantage will probably shift to the Lakers. After all, Brown has missed three of the last four games due to a hamstring injury. And while Brown is not likely to miss a game against the Lakers, he is expected to be limited to 30 minutes in this matchup against the Bucks.

While the Celtics haven’t released a clear timeline for Brown’s return, the latest information suggests that the star isn’t playing with an ice pack. The injury wasn’t serious enough to end Brown’s season, but it has forced the team to replace him with Dennis Schroder, who is expected to start Game 1 on Sunday. Fans can follow the Celtics on ABC for the live stream of Game 1.

On Monday, Celtics coach Brad Stevens was asked about the hamstring injury Jaylen Brown is dealing with. While the coach didn’t go into great detail about the hamstring, he did acknowledge that the hamstring is a major issue that the team is working through with Brown. Moreover, the injury could turn into a tighter, less severe hamstring. Ultimately, the Celtics want to avoid the injury reoccurring.

The Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs and a key part of that was Jaylen Brown’s hamstring. However, the game-winning experience for Brown was crucial. The Celtics also got valuable experience in clutch time and will likely start Marcus Smart in his absence. The Celtics’ chances of making the playoffs in the 2020-21 season are high as long as Brown plays his best basketball.

Marcus Smart’s quad contusion

The Celtics have received an update on Marcus Smart’s quad contusion injury. The center will likely return to the starting lineup for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. Smart sat out Game 2 due to the quad injury. This was the first game in the series without Smart, and the Celtics still won. With Smart back, Boston can take homecourt advantage. Smart has been a key piece of their success this season, and this injury can’t come at a better time for the Celtics.

The first update on Smart’s injury came on Sunday. He left Game 2 with just over a minute left in the second quarter. He has been unable to return to the court due to the pain and swelling. He is hopeful to be back for Game 3 against the Bucks on Saturday. Jaylen Brown grabbed Smart’s hamstring, but the two were not on good terms afterward. Jaylen Brown also did not return to the game.

According to ESPN’s Marc Selig, Smart will play in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals, but will be a question mark for Game 3. A few days after the game, Marcus Smart was hit multiple times in the quad and is likely to be a day or two out. His injury was the result of a collision with Ime Udoka in Game 1 and was the result of a few hits. Smart’s absence from Game 2 will affect the Celtics’ chances of winning the series.

The second Eastern Conference semifinals are a must-win for the Bucks. The Bucks lost Game 1 with Marcus Smart out. His right quad was injured during the game against the Bucks. After the game, Smart was limited to just 10 points and six assists. Fortunately, he’ll likely be available for Game 3 against the Bucks on Saturday. However, if the Bucks win Game 2 and take a 2-1 series lead, Smart will return.

Whether he’ll play in Sunday’s game against the Bucks

If the Celtics can win Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Milwaukee Bucks, it would be nice if Jaylen Brown can return. The star forward is expected to play in the first game Sunday. He suffered a tight hamstring in the win over the Nets last weekend, but has been getting treatment from the Celtics’ strength coaches. Despite the nagging injury, Brown is confident that he’ll be ready for Game 1.

Several players are questionable for the Celtics. Brown missed Game 4 of the first round and Game 1 of the second round due to injury. He’s hoped to be fully healthy before the second round, but it is important to note that the Bucks aren’t without talent. In addition to Brown, the Celtics will be without Khris Middleton, who sprained his left MCL in Game 2 against the Bulls. He’s expected to miss all of Round 2’s games, but there are plenty of capable players who could be called upon to play.

Though Brown is questionable for Sunday’s game, the Boston Celtics have a huge advantage in this series. With a win over the Bucks, the Celtics could make it back to the Eastern Conference finals. The Celtics’ victory over the Nets last Sunday could pay dividends for them on Sunday. There’s no telling whether Brown will play Sunday, but it’s imperative that he is close to 100 percent.

While the Celtics have an injury-plagued roster, they don’t have an entirely healthy one. In Game 1, Brown struggled to score in the first game. But he put the ball in the basket in Game 2 and poured in a game-high 30 points to tie the series at one game apiece. A healthy Jaylen Brown could potentially make a big impact on the Celtics’ defense.

Expected return date

The Boston Celtics have announced that their leading scorer, Jaylen Brown, is sidelined with a strained right hamstring. The two-time All-Star has not played since Nov. 4 against the Miami Heat. He missed eight games, returning to action Nov. 22 against the Houston Rockets. Then, he was shut down again after Tuesday’s win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Brown’s absence means that the team will be without one of its main players for nearly half of the season.

Despite the fact that the Celtics did not announce Brown’s surgery until late May, they were quick to update the fans on his progress. The winger’s wrist injury, which tore a scapholunate ligament, was successfully repaired. It’s believed that Brown will be back to basketball activity in about three months, or in early August. That will give him plenty of time to recover and get back into shape.

The Celtics announced that the star guard will miss a week, with a potential reevaluation coming next week. The injury was sustained during Game 4 against the Nets and required rest to recover. The Celtics’ strength coaches have been monitoring Brown’s recovery, and they are confident in his chances of playing in Game 1 against the Bucks. In addition to Brown’s anticipated return, the Celtics have received some other key players’ returns from the NBA.

While Brown’s absence is a concern for the team, he is still playing a big role in the Eastern Conference Finals. His performance during Game 5 pushed the Celtics to a 93-80 victory over the Heat. In total, Brown scored 25 points, racked up five rebounds, dished out three assists and a steal. However, the Celtics are still ahead in the series, and his return to the court isn’t too far away.

Impact on Celtics’ playoff chances

If you’re wondering what impact the Jaylen Brown injury will have on the Celtics’ playoff chances, you’re not alone. The Celtics have been in trouble all season, battling through injury after injury. And while they’re no longer expected to be a top-five seed, their playoff chances have become more difficult than ever. However, with the right combination of healthy players and the right personnel, the Celtics are still capable of making a deep run, and even threatening to upset higher-seeded teams.

A few weeks ago, the Boston Celtics were in a precarious position, as the wing’s injury has limited his playing time. While the Celtics are still within reach of the playoffs, Brown will miss the remainder of the season and potentially all of the postseason. The Celtics are already two games behind the Miami Heat, and Brown’s injury could potentially set them back two to three games.

With two more regular-season games to play, Jaylen Brown is still trying to figure out a frontcourt formula with Robert Williams out. Brown has been practicing meditation and breathing techniques to help him focus on his recovery. He is also anxious to get back on the court as quickly as possible. Brown is one of the few Celtics players who is still hungry for playoff juice. Playoffs are the highest-stakes and most competitive competition in the league.

After the season-ending Game 4 victory over the Heat, the Boston Celtics took a week off before preparing for Sunday’s Game 5 game against the Bucks. After missing the first five games, Brown went on to average twenty points on 55.6 percent shooting and 50 percent from behind the arc. The Celtics had five consecutive games in which Brown scored at least 20 points, including five in Game 6 and nine in Game 5.

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