Mechanic Jobs Near Me

In this article, you’ll discover what qualifications you need to get a job as an entry level mechanic. You’ll also learn about the location of mechanic jobs near me and the salary that’s offered. Mechanics can be found working in a variety of settings, including automotive, truck, and motorcycle repair. To apply, follow the steps below. You can expect to earn anywhere between $27,000 and $45,000 per year.

Qualifications for entry-level mechanic jobs

A new hire with no experience will be expected to work for years for less than the standard wage. Those with training can skip this step, and are often trusted with more responsibility. For this reason, you can shadow a lead technician or work as an assistant. This is an excellent way to gain on-the-job hours and develop your skills. Qualifications for entry-level mechanic jobs may vary by company. In most cases, a mechanic’s license is required to begin work, and some employers may also require a trade school diploma.

In some auto repair shops, entry-level mechanics work as a parts specialist. They learn how to service nearly every part of a car. While they may not get hands-on experience, this knowledge will help them when they transition to a general mechanic role. Moreover, most entry-level mechanic jobs are entry-level, and therefore do not require extensive experience. Regardless of the type of job, there are various qualifications you will need.

Job description

Mechanical engineers must be physically fit and have an excellent knowledge of basic mechanic’s tools and service equipment. They must also have excellent customer service skills. Mechanics perform routine maintenance and repairs on machinery, consult with clients to identify problems, oversee diagnostic tests, design a plan of action, and maintain records and work logs. Some mechanics are also responsible for overseeing inventory and preventative maintenance procedures. This type of occupation is highly rewarding, and offers excellent career advancement opportunities.

Mechanics also service and repair heavy equipment, machinery, and engines. They diagnose and repair malfunctioning heavy machinery, such as motor graders and draglines. They also perform routine maintenance on cars, such as servicing brakes and transmissions, tuning up radiators, and installing automotive systems. These professionals must be highly detail-oriented and possess a strong attention to detail. A strong work ethic and an aptitude for problem-solving are also necessary for this career.


Mechanic salaries vary widely. While the national average salary for a mechanic is $36,780, salaries vary widely depending on where you live. If you’re looking for a mechanic job near you, consider pursuing an apprenticeship program. Salary for mechanic jobs near me are listed below. You can also sign up for Monster’s job alerts. You can receive an email every time a new job listing matches your skills and interests.

As a mechanic, you’ll perform diagnostic tests on vehicles and repair them when necessary. This high-hands-on position is becoming increasingly difficult to automate due to the complexity of modern vehicles. However, this job is rewarding and involves working with your hands to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. It also helps if you love cars. A mechanic salary will reflect that passion. There are several different types of mechanic jobs.


If you’re interested in a career as a mechanic, then you’ve come to the right place. Mechanics perform a variety of tasks, from maintaining heavy machinery to performing routine maintenance on vehicles. Their tasks include fixing transmissions, brakes, and radiators, and they also install and service automotive systems. However, these positions can be a bit challenging, as they usually require a lot of experience and training.

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Mechanic Jobs Near Me