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The Best PS1 Games

The PlayStation’s signature warrior, Tomb Raider II, takes the 15th spot on our list of the best PS1 games. The gnarliest woman in gaming, Lara Croft, has found commercial success in Hollywood and gaming. She’s now the second hottest video gaming character. And if you haven’t played the original, you should. This is the ultimate guide to the best PS1 games.

Driver is one of the best PS1 games ever made, and is now a platinum title for the PlayStation. The game is also a part of the PlayStation’s platinum collection, and features undercover police work and fast cars. Another classic game from the PS1 is Medal of Honor: Underground. If you’re into fast cars and intense battles, this game is the right choice for you. There’s no better way to explore the vast lands of the OSS than to fly through them in a TIE Fighter.

Another great PS1 game is the acclaimed Street Fighter series. It’s been around for years, and its individual characters have earned it a place in the PS1 gaming canon. Alpha 3 brought back some of the old favorites, and added some new characters. One of the most beloved characters of the series, R. Mika, would later be a main character in other Street Fighter games. It also had some of the best PS1 fighting games.

PlayStation was a great success, and its massive game library is a testament to the power of the system. It paved the way for the console generation and made Sony and Nintendo’s dreams come true. As a result, the PlayStation quickly became one of the top-selling consoles of all time. But PlayStation fans are not alone in their nostalgia. While this console is still widely considered one of the best gaming consoles ever, it’s still a great place to start for those who love retro games.

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Ps1 Games

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