Types of Cases For the Razer Phone 2

There are many choices when it comes to cases for the Razer Phone 2. You can buy authentic leather cases for your handset or a cheap but durable fake PU-leather case. You can also get a silicone case or canvas case to protect your handset. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preferences and budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from the various types of cases available for the Razer Phone 2.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Razer Phone 2 case looks sleek and modern. The raised lip and polycarbonate shield provide a secure hold and a fingerprint-resistant surface. It protects the back camera and display while maintaining a form-fitting style. This case is compatible with wireless charging. It is compatible with the Razer Phone 2 and is priced at $19.99.

The raised edges protect the screen and camera and keep the phone slim. The shock-absorbing design keeps it from bending and is easy to wipe clean. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Razer Phone 2 case comes in a variety of colors. Choose from Razer green with black interior, or black with green. For a striking look, choose a case that features a circular hole below the rear cameras, which showcases the phone’s Chroma LED logo.

TUDIA heavy duty protection dual layer case

Compatible with the Razer Phone 2, the TUDIA heavy duty protection dual layer case is made of polycarbonate and TPU materials. Raised edges on the back of the case protect the screen and camera. The slim design gives a secure grip and precise cutouts make it easy to press the phone’s buttons. The case is also shockproof and enables users to use the device without a problem.

TUDIA Ultra Slim MERGE provides optimal protection and is made from shock-absorbing TPU and polycarbonate. It has raised edges to protect the screen and camera, as well as precise cutouts for all buttons. The case is made from durable polycarbonate and TPU, and features a stylish design. With precise cutouts, you can easily press the buttons on the phone.

CoverON Flexguard

The CoverON Flexguard is a thin TPU case that offers decent protection for the Razer Phone 2. The raised lip and reinforced corners offer everyday drop protection. The phone’s display glass remains scratch-free. In addition, the case supports wireless charging and features an ultra-thin, low-profile design. You can read our full review of the CoverON Flexguard. We give it a thumbs-up!

Spigen Liquid Air is another thin and lightweight case that offers shock-absorbing protection and a raised lip on the back for increased grip and security. It is also fully wireless charging compatible. It is available in two colors: Razer green and black. The circular hole is beneath the rear camera and showcases the Chroma LED logo. The case is available in two sizes and comes with a microfiber lining for scratch-resistance.

Canvas or silicone case

The Razer Phone 2 is the successor to the original Razer Phone. It launched the gaming smartphone trend in 2017 and is the next logical step after the original. Because of its excellent specs, it needs protection. If you are one of those who are not very fond of phone cases, you can always opt for a canvas or silicone case for your phone. We will keep updating this article as new types of cases become available for this model.

You can go for a canvas or silicone case if you want to protect your Razer Phone 2 from scratch and damage. The silicone case will protect your phone from scratches and it will not get damaged as easily. Canvas cases are also better than silicone cases because they are more comfortable to hold on to than silicone cases. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles on the internet. Canvas cases are made from durable materials like plastic while silicone cases are usually made of silicone.

Spigen Kevlar carbon-fiber exterior

The Kevlar case from Spigen is a high-end, official protective shell for the Razer phone 2. Made of Kevlar carbon fiber, it offers excellent protection against bumps and drops. The raised back plate of this case protects the phone’s display and rear camera. This case also has an anti-slip matte finish. You can still see the phone’s logo through the circular hole on the back.

The Kevlar carbon-fiber exterior case is very durable and comes with raised edges to protect the rear camera. The case itself is slim and lightweight and features an anti-slip mate for a secure fit. It is compatible with wireless charging. You can find a variety of Spigen cases for your Razer phone 2 on Amazon. You can also purchase cases for your phone to protect it from scratches.

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