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To get todays wordle hint, click on the box in the left sidebar, then expand the box by clicking on “Today’s Wordle.” Then, type in the correct answer, BERTH. You’ll notice that the word Y, O, or N are surrogate vowels for the other letters. Then, expand the box again to reveal the correct answer. You can now proceed to find the Wordle of the day.

Answer is BERTH

Today’s Wordle puzzle begins with the letter B. The answer is BERTH. The letter B is a common beginning sound, but it also contains two consonants. The other two letters are duplicates. As a result, the portal for the wordle puzzle will display green and yellow, respectively. If you can’t guess the answer, just refresh your browser. Wordle is a great daily browser puzzle.

Y is a surrogate vowel

If you’re having trouble figuring out the answer to today’s Wordle, look for the letter “Y” as a surrogate vowel. Many words begin with “O” or “P.” The letter Y often appears at the end of a word, but can also be a surrogate vowel. This makes it easier to identify the correct answer to the Wordle puzzle.

O is a surrogate vowel

In today’s Wordle hint, we have a simple word with a cluster of consonants at the end and a single vowel in the middle. This word is relatively simple, but it can be difficult to identify the correct answer, especially if you have no idea what it stands for. Luckily, there are five possible “surrogate vowel” answers to help you solve the puzzle.

N is a surrogate vowel

The first letter of the alphabet, Y, is a surrogate vowel. Many words end with it, making it an excellent wordle start. It has been used in English for thousands of years as a surrogate vowel. Try different combinations of Y, N, or Z. Y will act as a surrogate vowel, since it usually comes at the end of a phrase.

E is a surrogate vowel

In today’s Wordle hint, the letter “E” is a surrogate vowel. Surrogates are letters that are pronounced like the letter above them. For example, “O” sounds like “oy” but it’s actually the letter “P.

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Todays Wordle Hint

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