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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Staff at Evansville Toys and Games started their Tuesday morning picking up pieces of glass, after the shop was vandalized.
Owner Daniel Barritt says he checked the security cameras on his phone Tuesday morning and saw glass shattered across the floor.
He says he saw the cameras in between “Happy Birthday” messages from friends and loved ones.
Barritt says he called police and rushed to the store right away.
“A lot of what they had taken was mostly video games, game systems, Pokémon items, cards and boxes and such,” says Barritt. “It definitely could have been a lot worse.”
Barritt says thousands of dollars worth of inventory is gone, but much of his store was left untouched.
“The main thing was nobody was hurt, again, that’s what we said the last time,” says Barritt. “Same thing this time – my family is safe.”
The “last time” was back in May, when his eight areas inside Diamond Flea Market were destroyed by a massive fire.
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Barritt says he lost hundred-of-thousands of dollars that day, but he also gained the encouragement to open an Evansville storefront.
“We did lose a lot,” says Barritt, “but we gained a lot too.”
So for now, Barritt will pick up the pieces, once again.
“We are not going to let this stop us from doing the best we can to make you smile.”
Barritt says he hopes the store will bring smiles, and perhaps a little Christmas joy, to families across the community.
“We are still going to have games,” says Barritt. “We are still going to have game systems and stuff. We may not have as many as we did, but as long as we can still keep making people happy and smile, that’s all I can ask.”
Evansville Toys and Games is located just off Morgan Avenue in Evansville. Barritt hopes to reopen Wednesday morning at 11 a.m.
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